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Carbon / Kevlar Sea Kayaks now in Valley Etain 17.5

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December 27th, 2011

There seems to be a misconception that Carbon / Kevlar sea kayaks cost a small fortune.
In general they cost 20% more than the standard Glass / diolen model. They probably only reduce the weight by a couple of Kilos, but this could make all the difference when it comes to loading it on to the roof of your car. Generally you would expect them to be stiffer and also because of the increased stiffness and less weight very slightly faster.
If you want it to last the next 20 yrs then its probably worth having the keel strip put on, but this may depend on how you treat your sea kayak and where you paddle.

We now have several demo sea kayaks in Carbon/kevlar so if you are not sure come and give them a try.  NB you can have the hull gelcoat any colour you want the carbon kevlar doesnt have to be visible from the outside.

Personally I love anything that makes my sea kayak lighter  so if I had the money I would definitely go for one.  

Yes we do !  Sea kayak hire and Sea Kayak rental on the west coast of Scotland.

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