Covid-19 measures

Our shop is open between 10.00 and 16.00 daily except Tuesday. Our online shop is open 24/7.

Please be aware that mask-wearing remains compulsory in indoor settings in Scotland until at least the 18th April. After this date we ask that you continue to wear a face mask when in our building, in order to protect our staff and other customers.

We are heading out on the water, and taking bookings for trips and courses.

In order to protect our staff and customers as much as possible, we are still maintaining distance between staff and customers when indoors, and avoiding unnecessary contact outdoors.

The measures we adopt to help prevent the spread of Covid are based on the guidance issued by the Scottish government. These measures will change as guidance evolves, so please check this page before coming to see us.

The shop

What we are doing

  • the shop is now open with no need for an appointment. We are however very busy, so if you think you’re going to want a lengthy chat about the right equipment for you, please get in touch in advance so we can make sure we have staff available to speak to you.
  • we are only allowing one household per day to demo. Demos MUST be booked in advance.
  • demo boats will be cleaned after every use.
  • changing facilities for demos may not be available, and we are not offering storage of personal items while you are on the water during a demo.

What we need you to do

  • if you have any symptoms of Covid19 or should be self-isolating, do not enter our premises.
  • read and abide by all the (rather many) signs we have put up.
  • unless you are exempt, you will be asked to wear a face covering while you are in the shop. This is a legal requirement until at least 18th April, and following that date we would appreciate it if you could continue to wear a mask in order to protect our staff.
  • if you are exempt from wearing a facemask and are accompanying someone looking to make a purchase rather than looking to make a purchase yourself, we may ask you to wait in the more open entrance area of our building rather than coming into the inner shop. This is in order to protect our staff.
  • supply chains remain heavily disrupted. If you are making a journey to view or try a specific item, we recommend getting in touch in advance to check we have the item available.
  • if you are coming for a demo, you will need to bring all your own clothing / paddle / BA if you have them. You will need to either take valuables on the water with you or leave them in your vehicle.

Trips, courses and expeditions

What we are doing

  • we have reduced the number of bookings we’re taking per day, in order to minimise contact between households attending different activities.
  • if we are launching from anywhere other than our base, you will have the option of taking your own vehicle or travelling in ours. You will be required to wear a mask while in one of our vehicles.
  • in case of emergency, the immediate situation may override the risk of Covid19 transmission. We have updated our first aid kits and procedures in order to minimise risks.
  • due to the number of Covid-related cancellations, for bookings made on or after 4th July we are no longer able to offer a full refund in case of positive tests. Instead you will be offered a voucher for the equivalent amount.

What we need you to do

  • if you have any symptoms of Covid19 or should be self-isolating, do not attend your activity.
  • read through all the information you have been sent very carefully, and make sure you act on it. If anything doesn’t make sense please contact us on for clarification. As the guidance is changing regularly, some of the information you have may be contradictory if you’re looking at versions from different times. If in doubt, assume we will be working to the most restricting version.
  • make sure you complete all guest details and a risk form for each person before arriving. These are available via the Guest Details link on your invoice. Information will need to be submitted in advance or your trip or course, please make sure you let us know if anything has changed before coming on the course (eg changes to medical information).
  • abide by instructions given by staff, as well as any signage displayed in our building.
  • ask us if anything isn’t clear, and tell us if you’re not comfortable with anything our staff or others in your group are doing.
  • bring everything that is on the list in your booking confirmation.
  • you may be asked to wear a face covering where possible while you are in our building, unless you are exempt. This is a legal requirement until at least the 18th April, after that time we may ask you to continue to wear a face mask to protect our staff and other customers.
  • please arrive wearing what you intend to wear under your wetsuit, as we are trying to avoid people having to share changing facilities with members of other households.
  • be prepared to do everything out of doors – this includes getting changed and going to the toilet. Bring a towel big enough to cover you if you’re getting out of wet clothes. Leaves and moss are a perfectly acceptable substitute for toilet paper, but if you’re not comfortable with that and intend to use a tissue or wet wipe, make sure you also have a bag to take it away with you – we do not leave used toilet paper in bushes, under rocks or by the side of the road.
  • think about what you need to bring with you, and leave valuables in your vehicle or accommodation. We have drybags for items such as car keys that you can’t leave behind.
  • have fun in spite of everything!