How to Care for your Drysuit

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  • 27 Dec, 2017
a well-looked after Kokatat Gore Tex Expedition drysuit will keep you dry and smiling for years
George Bullard and Olly Hicks landing at Balnakeil in their custom Kokatat Gore Tex Drysuits after concluding Epic Greenland to Scotland expedition

How to Put on a Drysuit

Trying on a dry suit for the first time can be awkward. An assistant who knows how a dry suit should fit would be advisable (your local dealer, a friend who paddles, etc.)

You can see our selection of drysuits in stock  from Kokatat and Peak UK

Find something to sit on- a chair or bench is better than the floor.

Remove rings, earrings, watches and other sharp objects that might tear a gasket.

Take your shoes off, step into each leg, pull suit up to waist and push feet through the dry socks.

Slide left hand all the way through the sleeve and gasket; follow with the right hand.

With both hands, grab the opening of the neck gasket and stretch the gasket a bit while ducking into the suit and up through the neck gasket (this should be one motion).

Do not pull the gasket over your head by pulling on the fabric or the base of the gasket. (Use the same care when removing.)

Then put your shoes back on before walking around: you don't want anything to damage the socks (which are not covered by warranty, by the way). Always wear footwear to protect your socks before walking around.

Olly Hicks in Kokatat Gore Tex Expedition Drysuit rinsing in fresh water during Greenland to Scotland Challenge
Washing your Drysuit

When washing, always follow sewn-in care instructions.

With dry suits and dry tops Kokatat recommends using cold water, delicate cycle, gentle liquid soap, with no bleach or harsh chemicals, and high water volume, in a front loading machine.

Rinse well (which may mean running it through a second time, inside out with no soap OR use a cold shower). Line dry.

Or just use a tub full of fresh water and rinse thoroughly, drysuit inside out, and then line dry (socks well off the ground)
Latex Gaskets Care and Repair
Latex gaskets need to be treated every 4–6 weeks to prevent drying and cracking. Kokatat recommends 303 Protectant , available here at Sea Kayak Oban.
Small tears or holes in the gasket may be repaired with Aquaseal .
Replacement neck and wrist gaskets and kits are available at Sea Kayak Oban.
Kokatat importer System X can replace gaskets for a reasonable charge. Kokatat will replace gaskets and socks on Kokatat garments only.
Kokatat Neck Tool Kit to help you replace the latex seal on your Drysuit, available at Sea Kayak Oban
Drysuit Zip Information and Care

The zipper is one of the most sensitive components of your drysuit. Treat it carefully. The most common causes of zipper leakage are failure to close the zipper firmly, or dirt in the zipper teeth or closing end.

1. Pull the zipper in a straight line, in a smooth and even motion. Avoid yanking or pulling to the side. Have another person help you if you cannot easily reach any part of the zipper. Be especially gentle in colder air and water temperatures.

2. Never force a jammed zipper. Unzip, examine the jammed point for obstruction or damage, then carefully try again. Zipping over a piece of dirt or underclothes can derail the teeth and ruin the zipper.

3. The zipper is most vulnerable to damage when you are getting in and out of your suit. Be sure the zipper is open completely, and try not to put force on the ends that could tear the zipper apart.

4. Keep sand and dirt out of the teeth and the closing end of the zipper. Clean the zipper occasionally with mild soap, water and a toothbrush. Lubricate occasionally with a light coat of paraffin, beeswax for metal tooth zippers. For plastic water tight zippers, a dab of McNett Zip Tech Semi-Solid Zipper Lubricant in the closing end improves sealing.

5. Dry suits should be stored in a clean, dry environment. Metal tooth zippers should be partially closed with the zipper slide left about 2 inches open. This will help alleviate pressure on the sealing elements. Plastic water tight zippers should be stored in the entirely closed position. Store either hanging or loosely rolled.

Broken zippers cannot be repaired but can be replaced. This work may be performed only by Kokatat at our factory or by System X the importer; if you feel your zipper has been damaged, please email us.

Gore Tex Expedition Drysuits for men and women for sale at Sea Kayak Oban
Durable Water Repellent
Durable Water Repellent (DWR) prevents liquid from building up on your garment’s outer layer which can make you feel damp and clammy (“wetting out”).
Regular wear and tear, exposure to dirt, detergents and other impurities causes DWR to wear off over time, but the good news is that it can be restored.
The effective life of the DWR depends upon how the garment is cared for, and how rigorously it is used.

The most effective way to maintain the garment’s water and stain repellency is to rinse it and let it drip dry (washing helps, and if it’s not a gasketed or a coated fabric, then it can be put in the dryer).

DWR is not what makes a garment waterproof - it’s a treatment applied to the face fabric that keeps water beading on the outer surface rather than soaking into it.
Eventually the DWR will wear out. There are many aftermarket DWR renewal treatments available in general outdoor shop, such as Grainger in the UK
Kokatat Gore Tex Women Expedition drysuit in electric blue, with drop seat and socks

If you feel as though your GORE-TEX®  or your Hydrus 3L garment is leaking, please go to Kokatat's  warranty and repairs page  or contact Sea Kayak Oban or System X. 

Your drysuit can be water tested and patched in the UK.

Kokatat Neck Gasket Replacement Kit
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Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2018.

Thank you for visiting us in the shop in Oban and online in 2017.
Thank you for your support.
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a well-looked after Kokatat Gore Tex Expedition drysuit will keep you dry and smiling for years
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By Cathy Wagstaff 26 Sep, 2017
It was clear at Paddle Expo last week that all manufacturers are putting their prices up from this autumn, due to exchange rates causing increase in parts and materials.

Imported from the States, Kokatat prices are going up from 1st November 2017 on some items that we stock, but not all of them.

The purpose of this article is to give you the heads up on the range we carry in our shop in Oban and online .
By Cathy Wagstaff 26 Aug, 2017
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