Sea Kayak Hire, Rental and Outfitting 

Arrive at Sea Kayak Oban by public transport and launch off the beach 50m from our shop, or walk 5 minutes to the ferries, equipped with all the sea kayaking and camping gear you need. 

We offer Experienced sea kayakers single and tandem sea kayak rental and full sea kayak outfitting.

This is ideal for skilled sea kayakers who wish to discover the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail and the Argyll Sea Kayak Trail. 

We can also hire sit-on-top kayaks to beginners. They are perfect for family beach fun in sheltered areas.

Sea Kayaking Routes on the West Coast of Scotland

Let us know the sort of experience you are after and we can suggest possible routes. Some people like a few days out with us before going on their own trip. 

There are many wonderful campsites carefully managed by Dolly & Bambi but it is also possible to stay in B&Bs & hotels, either as part of a journey or using them as a central base. We can help you arrange this.

For those of you who have been admiring the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail we can arrange logistics for this and the Argyll Sea Kayak Trail.

Sea Kayak Hire Package

For Experienced, Skilled Sea Kayakers

Our basic single and tandem sea kayak hire packages consist of a sea kayak that fits your height and weight, plus a free paddle, buoyancy aid and spraydeck for each kayaker.

We have a range of models from different manufacturers such as Valley, North Shore, P&H & Venture Kayaks.
plastic sea kayaks
composite sea kayaks
1 day £ 30 1 day £ 50
2 days £ 60 2 days £ 95
3 days £ 85 3 days £ 135
4 days £ 110 4 days £ 150
5 days £ 130 5 days £ 170
6 days £ 140 6 days £ 210
7 days £ 150 7 days £ 250
plastic sea kayak
composite sea kayak
1 day £ 50 1 day £ 70
2 days £ 100 2 days £ 140
3 days £ 130 3 days £ 170
4 days £ 165 4 days £ 215
5 days £ 195 5 days £ 245
6 days £ 220 6 days £ 265
7 days £ 240 7 days £ 400
1 pump, 1 paddle float and 1 split paddle
  • 1 day is free
  • 2 days £10
  • 3 days £10
  • 4 days £15
  • 5 days £15
  • 6 days £15
  • 7 days or more £20
  • 1 day:  £15/person/day for a cag, neoprene trousers and neoprene boots or £5 each item
  • 2 days: £30/person/day for a cag, neoprene trousers and neoprene boots or £10 each item
Please contact us for more days
Foam roof racks to rent
  • 1 day is free of charge
  • 2 days £5
  • 3 to 4 days £10
  • 5 to 7 days £15
They are attached to the car by straps going inside the car through the front and back doors.
2-person Terra Nova compact tent
  • 1 night: £10
  • 2 nights: £15
  • 5 nights: £25
  • 7 nights: £50
Stove and cooking pot -Gas available for purchase in the shop at reduced price
  • 1 night: £5
  • 2 nights: £10
  • 5 and 6 nights: £15
  • 7 nights: £20
Self-inflating sleeping mat
  • 1 night: £5
  • 2 nights: £10
  • 5 and 6 nights: £20
  • 7 nights: £25
Sea kayak trolley - Really worth it if you want to take a ferry to the islands. Kayaks go free on the Calmac ferries. Price per trolley, strap included:
  • 1 or 2 days £5 (£5 first days and 2nd day is free)
  • 3 or 4 days £10 (same price 3 and 4 days)
  • 5 to 7 days £15 (same price for 5, 6 or 7 days)
For those flying to Scotland we can also supply camping stoves. pots, tents and camping maps to make your travel here less stressful and probably a lot cheaper.

Sit-on-tops Hire Package

Perfect for Beginners and Family Beach Fun

For the inexperienced, beginner kayaker we have single and tandem sit-on-top kayaks to rent. Our sit-on-top package includes a paddle and a buoyancy aid (pfd) free of charge for each paddler.
Single sit-on-top Tandem sit-on-top
1 day £ 30 1 day £ 40
2 days £ 40 2 days £ 60
3 days £ 50 3 days £ 80
4 days £ 65 4 days £ 100
5 days £ 75 5 days £ 120
6 days £ 85 6 days £ 140
7 days £ 95 7 days £ 170
Additional paddle or buoyancy aid or backrest: 
  • £5 each 
  • £15 for all 3 per day
Renting a wetsuit, cag and neoprene boots: 
  • £5 each/day per person 
  • £10/day all 3 per person
Foam roof rack: foam roof racks for hire, ideal when your car is a rental. They are attached to the car by straps going inside the car through the front and back doors.
  • 1 day is free of charge
  • 2 days £5
  • 3 to 4 days £10
  • 5 to 7 days £15
Please note: sit-on-top kayaks are best taken away. Oban harbour is a busy, working harbour, and it is not suitable for sit-on-top fun.
Common Sense dictates paddlers should be at EPP Level 3 Sea Kayak Paddle Pass or BCU 3 Star Sea. We do need to know about your sea kayaking experience.

It can become difficult for us to rent you sea kayaks without this.

Please email or call us for a chat.

Your booking is valid and confirmed ONCE the payment is made and the booking form is returned to us.
All rental equipment is used at the customer’s own risk. Sea kayaking is a potentially dangerous activity and customers must ensure that they are experienced sea kayakers and that they are competent in the safe use of all rental equipment. 

National Kayak School and Sea Kayak Oban will not be held responsible for the consequences, directly, accidental or any other type of incident resulting from the use of its products.
  1. The shop can be quite busy so please allow 30min especially if planning to catch a ferry.
  2. Please ensure your roof rack is adequately padded and you have straps to transport our kayaks securely. 
We sell kayak racks and straps, let us know in advance. We reserve the right to refuse to rent you the kayak if you are not equipped appropriately.
  1. There is a cancellation admin fee of £10 per kayak. We recommend cancellation / curtailment insurance cover.
  2. Sorry no refund if you return your kayak early or shorten your rental agreement for any reason.
  3. Full refund (minus admin fee per kayak) if informed in writing 3 weeks prior to rental start.
The Sea Kayak Water Taxi from Seafari can take you where you want to be.

Often in our busy lives we can’t seem to find the time to do the sea kayak trips we would really like to do without rushing about madly and getting completely knackered. So their fast RIB to get you where you want to be, well, …fast.

For example, if you want to be on Jura at West Loch Tarbert on a Friday evening in Mid-June, you meet the Sea Kayak Water Taxi at the Easdale Ferry on Seil Island and you can be whisked there, then you can spend the next two days paddling back to Easdale in time for a tea time pint in the Puffer Bar on the Sunday evening before driving back to the big city.

To make the most of a short winters day, taxi from Easdale out to the far west end of the Garvellachs then you can have a leisurely paddle back.

Visit Seafari
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