The Outer Hebrides Sea Kayaking


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44 great sea kayak trips around the archipelago of the Outer Hebrides, including St Kilda.

As well as describing 44 great kayaking journeys, this book presents all the navigational and tidal information a sea kayaker needs on this magnificent section of coast. This means that it can also be used as a kayakers pilot for any journey they might wish to undertake in this area. It follows the successful format of other Pesda Press sea kayaking guides, presenting the information in a user-friendly fashion and making lavish use of maps and colour photographs.

Robert Emmott – Roberts first introduction to kayaking was at scout camp in North Wales, but it was only after he moved to Lewis that he really got into sea kayaking. Within just a few weeks of arriving on Lewis, he joined Stornoway Canoe Club and soon experienced some incredible paddling adventures. Keen to learn and help others enjoy the paddling in the islands, Robert took up coaching and is a committed member of the canoe club. His passion is storm paddling, for which the Outer Hebrides is often the perfect place.

Tim Pickering – Tim has been paddling longer than he would care to remember and, as a coach, he has tried to infect others with his enthusiasm. Through his business, he has guided extensively in the Outer Hebrides as well as Arctic Sweden, Iceland and St Kilda. You will often find him in his surf boat on one of the many breaks in the islands.

Mike Sullivan – When Mike moved to the Hebrides his two burning ambitions were to kayak to St Kilda and catch his first Atlantic salmon; getting to St Kilda proved to be the easier of the two. He was converted to sea kayaking after ten years of river kayaking and open boating, and he is a keen coach and active member of Stornoway Canoe Club.