Northshore Atlantic II (Double)

From: £4,750.00

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20 ft long (6.10 m) and big on storage, a week long wilderness experience is not out of the question. With a straight keel line and a soft D shaped hull the Atlantic II is fast and stable and with the added bonus of the Valley C trim rudder system turning this lively double makes coastal exploration even more fun.

The two cockpits are comfortable and far enough apart to stop any paddle clashes if you get out of sync. A central bulkhead is fitted between the cockpits to prevent the free flow of water, should either of them get flooded.
The Atlantic II is as high performance as the single Atlantic. This combination of confidence-inspiring stability and high cruising speed makes it a fantastic double for any length of trip.


A fast easy to paddle tandem sea kayak that will fill you full of confidence.
2 large hatches offer excellent storage capacity for camping trips.
Central bulkhead between cockpits for safety.
Valley C-Trim Rudder for easy directional control in all weather, 24in long.

Ideal kayak to introduce less experienced paddlers to the open seas or for experienced paddlers to take on the world.


Length: 20′ / 6.10 m

Width: 25.5″ / 65 cm

Weight: including hatch covers, 36 kg for the diolen construction

Zolzer pedals


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