Zegul Searocket


The Zegul Searocket is a revolutionary kayak with perfect blend of stability and speed designed for broad range of kayakers.

Searocket offers the opportunity to catch waves faster and stand out from crowd with confidence. The Zegul Searocket has an exceptional hull design, which makes the boat suitable even for beginners. The rudder on the rear means the kayak can be more responsive when things get really fun but also has the ability to be lifted when it is not needed which can also make transporting to dry land easier. This kayak is fast and responsive with plenty of storage to allow the fun to last longer!


We have a demo boat available.


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Length: 5m 50cm 

Width: 54cm 

Weight: 27kg

Front hatch: Round hatch 24cm

Rear hatch: Oval hatch 44/26cm

Day hatch: 15cm

Sweetie hatch: 15cm