Zegul Greenland GT

Zegul Greenland GT has the same characteristics as the classic Greenland kayak, but with slightly roomier design and more stability. 

The Greenland GT has a smart design and is meant for paddlers wanting a classic Greenland style kayak, but need more comfort, storage space and stability for longer outings. The Greenland GT has slightly wider hull adding more stability and a roomier keyhole cockpit enables easier entrance and exit. GT has a day-hatch and enlarged rear hatch, increasing its storage capacity. GT as the original Zegul Greenland has a low volume and is extremely responsive. The kayak has a hard chine all the way along the V-bottomed hull and a high rocker to ease maneuvers. Rather low volume front deck helps you on the forward rolls and the low back deck for easy laid back rolls.

What do SKO think? We can’t wait to put this kayak to the test in various conditions and see how it reacts. The high rocker, V-shaped hull and hard chines make for a nice responsive and interesting time whilst feeling the comfort of the more roomy design. We look forward to discovering the different characteristics while out on the water and seeing how the deck height feels when rolling.


Length: 17’10” (5m 45cm)

Width: 21″ (54cm)

Weight: 25kg

Front hatch: Round hatch 24cm

Rear hatch: Oval hatch 44/26cm

Day hatch: Round hatch 15cm