JOBE Neoprene Boots


These neoprene boots feature an inner sock for extra warmth and a reinforced heel for extra support. This is just the protection and warmth you’ll need when riding on a PWC or boot. The stiff soles provides excellent grip and the water draining panels and make them fast drying. A soft neoprene inner sock supports your feet in a comfortable matter while its quick-drying material make you can go for another round in a few minutes.
  • Extra water drains
  • Neoprene inner sock
  • PWC designed boot
  • Quick-drying materials
  • Reinforced heel for extra support
  • Stiff rubber outsole for a maximum grip

What do SKO think? These are one of the more supportive boots with the lacing going up to above the ankle allowing it to feel strong and locked in when the laces are tied which is brilliant for the portages. The sole of the shoe is relatively stiff from the heel to the bridge of the foot providing some protection against those sharp rocks. It then becomes more flexible at the toes providing sufficient flexibility when in the kayak. The neoprene sock is a brilliant addition to keep the feet warm and the drainage holes in the sole of the shoe act quickly when launching.