Whetman Equipment Silicone Day Hatch 8″/20cm


Flexible day hatch cover manufactured with Hydrosil 250, a non toxic and UV stable silicone.

These will fit both P&H and Valley/Northshore 8″/20cm composite day hatches. SKO are supplying the Black version  only, for other colours please visit Mr Whetman himself for a rainbow of choices.

They are temperature stable and so remain in the same firm flexible state at room temperature and on a hot summer day will remain the same therefore will not become too soft; equally the covers have the same state of flexibility in freezing conditions and will not become too hard & stiff to use.

We here at Sea Kayak Oban have tried this on a variety of RM plastic boat rims and generally the fit is not tight enough to create a watertight seal. We only recommend these particular covers for composite boat rims.