Waterhaul Fitzroy Sunglasses



Waterhaul’s bestselling rectangular unisex frame that suits a broad range of face shapes. Made from 100% recycled polypropylene trawl nets and lines.


  • Italian engineered and hand-finished.- 0% virgin plastics, 100% recycled polypropylene nets and lines, which are the most abundant form of ghost gear we find on our shores.

    – Matte slate grey finish that alludes to the materials origins as ocean plastic.

    – Ultra-durable five barrel hinges.

    – Waterhaul frames are covered by our ‘Recycle and Replace’ lifetime guarantee – damaged frames can go back into the plastic recycling loop to create new pairs.


Waterhaul are supplied by Barberini, regarded as the producer of the world’s best optical quality lenses – famous for producing opticals for the likes as Maui Jim.

We use glass lenses, over cheaper plastic lenses for three key reasons:
Optical Quality – Mineral glass has by far the greatest optical clarity of all lens materials, with an Abbe value of 59 (vs. 32 for polycarbonate).
Sustainability – Recycled plastic lenses do not exist. Glass is infinitely recyclable, and doesn’t produce microplastics when cut to shape.
Scratch Resistance – Our sunglasses are designed for the beach, which means sand – the enemy of most sunglasses. Our chemically hardened polarised glass is substantially more scratch resistant than other lenses, and exceeds all international impact resistance tests.

Fitzroy frame

Overall size guide: Medium – Medium/Large. Rectangular unisex frame fits a broad range of face shapes.
Frame width: 139 mm
Lens width: 52.5 mm
Frame height: 48.5 mm
Bridge width: 20.5 mm
Arm length: 136.5 mm