Aqua Bound Whiskey Bent Shaft Full Carbon 2nd



Full RRP: £475.00 2nd Price £418.00

These paddles have perfect shafts but may have small Cosmetic blemishes on the blades. Quote from Aquabound “Each of these blades is hand-crafted, which means that in the process, we end up with blades that have slight cosmetic imperfections – resin bubbles, streaking, fabric wrinkles”.

  • Ergonomic bend creates a more comfortable feel
  • At just 25.5 ounces, the paddle delivers an effortless, ultra-lightweight performance
  • Lighter in weight than comparable models, the Whiskey Carbon delivers a smooth paddling stroke
  • Features the new 100% carbon Posi-Lok™ ferrule, allowing for infinite feather angles
  • Licensed Ferrule US Patent No. 6,881,111

Shaft Material: 3K Plain Weave Carbon
Blade Material: Compression Molded Carbon
Blade Size: 20 x 41 cm
Blade Surface Area: 613 sq. cm
Weight: 723 g
Ferrule Angles: Infinite