Epic Active Touring Blade Club Carbon Hybrid


The Epic Active Touring paddle combines the lightweight, clean performance of Epic’s Relaxed Touring paddle with a larger blade surface, providing more power for paddlers utilizing a high angle stroke and seeking a distinct edge in speed and acceleration. Perfect for fast touring and racers who opt not to use a wing paddle. Ships with a FREE Paddle Bag

Hybrid construction, 30.5 oz (865 grams);comes standard with Epic’s Length-Lock 2™ adjustable ferrule technology.

What SKO say: With a hybrid shaft the Club Carbon is slightly more forgiving on the body and the pocket. You do scarifice weight but still retain the excellent engineering and blade design.


Blade Width: 7.1″ (18 cm)
Blade Length: 18.7″ (47.5 cm)
Surface Area: 106 in2 (685 cm2)