VE Voyager Aircore Pro Carbon Blades, Glass Shaft 2-Piece


Light, powerful and efficient the Voyager Aircore Pro carbon paddle on a 2-piece glass shaft offers a lightweight very high-performance paddle with a nice flexible shaft as preferred by most sea kayakers and touring paddlers.

This high-aspect low-angled sea kayak paddle is perfect for sea kayakers and touring paddlers who are either out all day putting in the miles or just taking it easy.

The tip of the paddle blade has a relatively low area providing a very smooth gentle catch, the blade gets wider towards its middle allowing the power to build through the stroke once the kayak is in motion.

Due to the blade’s asymmetic shape and flattened off tip it also serves well as a high-angled paddle.

The Aircore provides good buoyancy and support whilst in the water but still has a press moulded edge making it extremely easy to slice through the water and incredibly robust.

What does SKO think? The paddle splits into two for easier transportation also allowing the length or angle to be adjusted quickly and effortlessly which we love. VE paddles are made in Britain and as a company we love to get our products locally where possible. VE have a great record of durability when it comes to their white water paddles so we are very much looking forward to putting them to the test and seeing how wonderful they are!


Demo paddle available.



Shaft – Glass (variable length of 10cm)

Blades – Carbon

Blade size – 633cm²