Werner Corryvrecken Straight Shaft


As of 2022, Werner paddles will only be available in red.


The Corryvrecken is a full-size blades ideal for well-conditioned High-Angle paddlers who want powerful strokes and enhanced blade manoeuverability when linking several strokes.

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Full-size, high angle blades are ideal for well-conditional paddlers
Slight dihedral enhances blade manoeuverability for smooth linking stokes.
Powerful, light weight and durable.
Adjustable ferrule
Surface area: 710 sq cm
Blade length x width: 49 x 20 cm

What is High Angle paddling ?

A more powerful catch and stroke for increased forward efficiency.
The paddle is kept at a high angle relative to the water and a faster cadence is used.
Best for linking a variety of manoeuvering stokes.

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