Shuna Glass Blade, Straight Carbon Shaft


For the 2022 2023 season Werner Shuna paddles will only be available in flat red colour.

Narrow Shaft versions are only availble in 205cm & 210cm lengths.


The Werner Shuna is our most popular mid-size touring paddle.

It is powerful yet light-weight and durable and great for active or relaxed paddling.

The mid-sized blades fit a wide range of kayakers and are versatile and easy to use during advanced manoeuvres or all-around touring.

We would be happy to order any other colour/length combination.

Slight dihedral enhances blade manoeuverability for smooth linking strokes.

Versatile, light-weight and durable.
Highly visible translucent blades
Adjustable ferrule
Blade surface area 610 sq cm
Blade length x width: 46 x 18 cm