Zegul Slidr Paddle


Demo unit availble 

Slidr paddle has mid-sized, high angle blades that are excellent in moving water. This is a light and robust paddle. With a varible length Blade: Fiberglass – 460 x 180 mm

  • Shaft: Straight fiberglass
  • Blades: Fibre glass coated in resin
  • Lock: Quick lock (+ 10 cm)
  • Weight: 204-214= 984g / 212-222 = 1.32kg

What do SKO think? This new offering from Zegul has a feel similar to the iconic Werenr Shuna with a small amount less flex on the blade edge. It does have 10cm of length variance and a bit more give in the shaft to make up for its less flexible blade edge. At a price point less than a Shuna but with the additioanl feature of length variance it does fill a much needed hole in the centre of the paddle market place. We’ve enjoyed it so far.