Northshore Atlantic LV RM


Demo boat available

This is the best value touring sea kayak made in the UK available on the market.

Sea Touring sea kayak for smaller paddlers than for the Atlantic, the AtlanticLV was designed by Mike Nelson of North Shore. It features the same combination of shallow “V” and soft chines as the composite Atlantic LV.

Its speed, responsiveness and predictability inherited from its namesake makes this an exciting kayak for the lighter paddlers.

This is the best value sea-touring sea kayaks made in the UK available on the market.

It is stable, very easy to manoeuvre whether you paddle it empty or loaded.
Very popular with beginners and experienced paddles alike and handles swell and rough water beautifully.
Great for day trips and multi-day self-sufficient trips.

It has a shallow V hull and soft chines, which give it the perfect bled of speed, responsiveness and predictability.


Length: 15’11” / 4.85m
Width: 22″ / 55cm
Weight: 24.5kg
Depth: 12.5″ / 31cm

Three layer polyethylene shell, giving a very stiff and robust Kayak.
3 hatches

Comfortable seat and outfitting
Retractable skeg
Ideal for coastal exploration, camping trips and open crossings

Made in the UK.