Scorpio MkII MV


Scorpio MV corelite X with skeg.

Please call or email to book a demo in Oban.

Designed around open water expeditions but equally suited to day trip exploration.

CoreLite X construction with inherent buoyancy and an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio.
Bungee-retained, ergonomic toggle handles for comfortable carrying and safe rescues.
KajakSport hatch covers throughout.

Versatile, 4-Hatch design; Bow, Stern, Day and Pod (lightly angled for easier access).

Moulded-in fittings for fast and simple installation of the P&H sail systems.
Lightweight and highly durable bow and double-stern foam bulkheads.
Form-fitting, 5-point adjustment; seat trim, foot pegs, hip pads, thigh grips and backrest.
Skeg slider positioned on deck to avoid interference with high angle paddle strokes.
Low profile back deck and cockpit rim for easy rolling and re-entry.
Split paddle and compass recesses on forward deck.
High strength, full deck lines and bungees for ample storage and rescue options.
Textured P&H logo on deck and hull.



Length: 17’3 / 5.25 m

Width: 22.8 ” / 58 cm

Corelite X construction at 26.7 kg ex. hatch covers


4 hatches


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