P&H Valkyrie


Designed for speed; whether you use that speed to take on more extensive open water crossings and expeditions, to challenge a circumnavigation record, or just to inject a touch more adrenaline in to your day trips, is up to you.

A narrow, vertical bow maintains maximum waterline length whilst slicing cleanly through the water, creating a clean path for the rest of the kayaks hull to follow efficiently; added benefits of this shape are increased bow hatch volume, and a more engaged hull at the bow to counteract windage.

Rounding out the Valkyrie’s high performance design are ergonomic paddle entry cutaways, a low volume back deck for unhindered rolling and re-entry.

Corelite X Only. Includes Bow Hatch Stern Hatch and Day Hatch. Deckpod/Sweetie hatch is an optional extra 

Deck SizeLarge
CoreLite X25kg
Max Paddler Weight115kg