Valley Etain 17.7 RM


Demo Boat Available 

An excellent plastic touring sea kayak, made of 3 layer plastic, sea worthy, excellent load carrier, stable and agile it appeals  to experienced larger paddlers looking for a plastic expedition boat.

The deck has been upgraded with a proper sweetie hatch instead of the removable pod.

Works well with our Peak neoprene spraydecks size Bigdeck.



Length: 17’7 / 5.36 m

Width: 21.5 / 54.5 cm

Depth: 13.25” / 33.5 cm

Weight: 27 kg
Load Suitability: 81-122kg
Other features are a hull that has a shallow to moderate Vin cross-section for good initial stability and rocker that would best be describe as moderate i.e. slightly less than some older Valley boats to provide secure tracking but still enough to provide a lively ride.