Valley Sirona 15.10 RM


Demo boat available

The Valley Sirona 15.10 RM combines the rocker of an ocean play boat with the waterline and capacity of week-end trip sea kayak. A replacment for the Valley Avocet

The Peak Bigdeck spraydeck and Peak UK Large cockpit cover are the right cockpit size for this boat.

A new plastic sea kayak which combines:

– the popular deck hatch,

– length that suits most garages,

– the rocker of an ocean kayak at home in rock gardens

– the waterline length of a straight running sea kayak

– the capacity for self-sufficient short trip


Length: 15′ 10″ / 4.90m

Width: tbc

Depth: tbc

Rec paddler range:

Weight: 27kg (including the 4 hatch covers)

Triple layer plastic