Bulkhead Sealant


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For leaking and lose bulkheads in plastic (RM) kayaks.

The exact product that Valley & Northshore use in the factory to install and seal kayak bulkheads and deckpods in plastic boats. Specifically formulated to adhere to the plastics found in sea kayak manufacture which most sealants will not chemically bind with.

We reommend first removing any old sealant, then cleaning and drying the area with a solvent to remove any grease and residue. Key the area of application with a course grit sand paper. You may consider also flaming the area with a gas torch though this is not neccessary when replacing like for like.

310ml tube. Light Grey Colour. Fast Curing.

Requires any standard sealant applicator gun to apply. Please constact us for the SDS if required.