Skeg Slider Bars (P&H & Venture)


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P&H original parts. Carbon tube along which the skeg slider button moves for Mk2 Rope skeg systems. 

Found on all P&H Custom Sea Kayaks boats with the Mk2 Rope Skeg system – using the Yellow, red black wax covered ‘rope’. Scorpio Mk2, Delphin , Virgo, Leo, Jura. Composites including all sizes of Cetus Volan Aries

2x bars per packet. 

“Replacement Composite Skeg Slider Bar to suit the P&H MKII Skeg Slider System. Extensive testing by the P&H Pro Team has shown the Composite Skeg Slider Bar to be the most reliable solution for use in the wide variety of conditions and environments encountered during sea kayaking trips and expeditions across the globe; the composite bar can be produced within narrow dimensional tolerances to give a snug fit for the Skeg Slider Button, preventing wobble or misalignment of the ratchet teeth, without expanding in warmer climates and causing the system to jam. Another advantage of the Composite Skeg Slider Bar is its self-lubricating properties (although we do recommend enhancing this by regularly rinsing the skeg slider box and treating it with silicone spray to ensure continued smooth operation), however this does mean that over time one side can become worn flat through normal operation; we recommend rotating the bar 180° to extend it’s life.”.