PeakUK Cockpit Cover


3mm nylon lined neoprene cover with Shockcord securing, Cool graphics and solid fit with big grab tag for easy removal. Great for increasing fuel economy over long distances and keeping the rain out. 

Keyhole deck size measures 84-90cm x 50-56cm, and works well with NorthShore composite Atlantic LV and Atlantic, both Oceans, Polar, all Valley composites with Keyhole cockpits, NDK Explorer, Tiderace Xplore S, M, L, Xcite, Xcape S, L, P&H Cetus LV and MV and snug on Cetus HV

Bigdeck size measures 89-95cm x 50-56cm, and works well with all NorthShore Atlantic LV RM, Atlantic RM, Aspect LV RM, Aspect RM, and Valley plastic Etains, Perception Essence 16 &17, Tiderace Xplore X and Xcape X, Prijon Seayak and Touryak, P&H Delphin, Scorpio and Scorpio LV, Quest and Cetus HV, Tahe Reval Mini LC and Reval HV