PeakUK Explorer Spraydeck



An excellent 4mm neoprene spraydeck from Peak UK with the bungees to hold your map and clips to secure a map case.

The grippy silicone print on the inside edge gives your spraydeck a bit more protection but is still easy to stretch over your cockpit.

Keyhole deck size measures 84-90 x 50-56 cm and fits NorthShore composite Atlantic LV and Atlantic, Ocean 17 and 17.6, Polar, all Valley composites with Keyhole cockpits (not small Ocean cockpits), Valley Aquanaut RM, NDK Explorer, Tiderace Xplore S, M, L, Xcite, Xcape S, L, P&H Cetus LV and MV and snug on Cetus HV.
Bigdeck size measures 89-95 x 50-56 cm and fits all plastic NorthShore sea kayaks, Valley plastic Etains, Perception Essence 16 & 17, Tiderace Xplore X and Xcape X, Prijon Seayak and Touryak, P&H Delphin, Scorpio and Scorpio LV, Quest, loosely on Cetus HV, Wilderness Systems plastic Tempest and Zephyr both sizes.

The waist measurements are as follows:

S = 65-75 cm
M / L = 75-85 cm
XL / XXL 85 cm