Reed Aquatherm Spraydeck Adjustable Waist


Reed Aquatherm spraydeck with adjustable draw cord waistband.

Aquatherm deck fabric has 360 degree stretch, instant memory return, and has 80% less volume and weight compared with traditional neoprene products without compromising performance. It is comfortable, durable and supple, UV stable, waterproof and fast drying.

This is a lovely spraydeck for touring and ideal when traveling somewhere and volume/weight are an issue.

Very comfortable around the waist when you dislike being too warm around the waist like with neoprene in the summer.

To practice rescues we recommend a neoprene spraydeck. Aquatherm is about comfort and stretch, not the wear and tear of rescue practice.


Choose your cockpit size = 4 different cockpit size available

Keyhole B: Length 83-89 cm and Width 42 to 45 cm, fits composite NorthShore and Valley boats, composite Rockpool boats and NDK Explorer

Keyhole C: Length 86 to 93 cm and Width 50 to 60 cm, fits plastic Northshore Atlantic and Atlantic LV RM, and P&H Scorpio LV and MV, composite P&H Cetus LV and Cetus MV, Tahe Reval Mini LC Composite

Big Touring: Length 89 to 99cm and Width 50 to 60cm, fits P&H Cetus HV, Venture Jura MV and HV, Perception Expression and composite Tahe Reval HV

Choose your waist size = 3 adjustable wait sizes available (remember to include drysuit/cag and base layers)

S/M up to 82 cm

L/XL up to 97 cm

XXL up to 122 cm