Silva Ranger Compass


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SILVA’s Ranger Compass has undergone an upgrade. Improved graphics are more distinct, including a defined arrow, making the tool easier to read. Additionally the Dryflex rubber grip improves handling in wet conditions. 

With a scratch resistant base plate, magnetic declination scale and lanyard this is ideal for those looking at getting to grips with map navigation. Endorsed by the DofE for youth activities the Ranger is a perfect navigation aid for those heading into the outdoors, mountain capable for all eventualities. 

The compass now comes with a scale lanyard. Two scales can be found on the lanyard, miles and kilometers, easily placeable onto your map and always on hand allowing you to measure distance accurately. 

With a magnifier the Ranger ensures you understand every detail of topographic terrain displayed on a map. Glow in the dark markings on the North display and on the direction of travel allow the compass to be used in low light conditions. Additionally the larger length of the ranger is beneficial in improving accuracy when moving across terrain. 

The Ranger compass from SILVA. A combination of elegance and functionality. 

* For use in Northern Hemisphere only 

Product details


  • A DofE recommended product 
  • Detachable safety-release scale lanyard  
  • Declination scale inside capsule 
  • Luminous markings 
  • Magnifying lens 
  • Scales: 1:25k, 1:50k, mm, inch 
  • Weight: 33g