KCS Expedition Trolley (Mk6) 8″Pneumatic Tyres

Sea Kayak Expedition Trolley by Kayak Carrier Systems, excellent on extended expeditions or day paddles for getting your packed kayak down to the sea. Handmade by Ronnie in his Pitlochry workshop, Sea Kayak Oban are proud to be supporting local Scottish industry and design.

The 8inch wheels suit the smaller hatches found on Rockpool Kayaks.

The mark 6 Sea Kayak Trolley updated in 2020 now features a heavy duty smaller diameter axle with wheel spacers mounted into the trolley frame, the connecting bolt is retained with a rubber string to the body therefore making less parts to lose on the beach.

Comes complete with strap and instructions and a small kit of spare parts.

Through innovation and constant design updates Kayak Carrier System mark 6 trolley has evolved into the most versatile and popular trolley in the UK sea kayaking market.

What do SKO say? We love supporting local businesses and innovative design, KCS have been evolving this design for a few years and it’s now at a point where it ticks all of our boxes. It breaks down to components very quickly and they are all very easy to fit into hatches and around awkward corners. It is more expensive than most on the market but it doesn’t make compromises in manufacture and the result is a trolley that we trust.

Trolley frame, axle and parts = 1.5 kg

Wheels = 1.5kg

Due to popular demand we also offer an extension kit so the same base can be used for wider boats such as a Canadian Canoe or Fishing Sit on top.

Care of your Trolley

All pins on the pads are bonded in and cannot be removed. To keep your Trolley in perfect condition we recommend washing the axle and linch pins in warm soppy water to remove dirt and salt. The foam pads should be washed to remove salt and sand to stop your valuable Sea Kayak from getting scratched.