KCS PRO EXPLORER Trolley 8″Pneumatic Tyres

KCS are proud to launch the new KCS – EXPLORE TROLLEY, a true Expedition Sea Kayak Trolley. KCS’ chief designer went home from work one night and decided to design a new trolley. The design brief was ‘ What is the last item to load into your Kayak and the first item required when you get to your destination?

Answer … your Trolley and here is our first FLAT PACK EXPEDITION TROLLEY.  Takes the weight of a fully loaded Kayak without a problem even on and off ferry ramps and rough and severe portages. The Trolley and pads are designed around the Valley Standard oval hatch and 10″ Round Kajak Sport hatches. The top pads sit on top of your gear, stow the axle the main frame and the two legs inside and the wheels behind your footrests. No tools required.

8″ Pneumatic tyres can squeeze into a 8inch hatch openning by slightly deflating the tyre. These are commonly found on Rockpool kayaks such as the Taran and Tarantella.

Covered with our unique 10 year warranty on frame, pads except by heat, loss and removal of bonded studs and inserts. Foam, Axles and wheels are not covered by wear and tear. 

This is an ultra modern practically designed Trolley that will survive lots of robust use.

Trolley frame, axle and parts = 1.5 kg

Wheels = 1.5kg

Care of your Trolley

All pins on the pads are bonded in and cannot be removed. To keep your Trolley in perfect condition we recommend washing the axle and linch pins in warm soppy water to remove dirt and salt. The foam pads should be washed to remove salt and sand to stop your valuable Sea Kayak from getting scratched.