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From Oban the Sea Kayaking Capital of Europe

“Amazing wildlife”, “Awesome instructors”, “Stunning scenery”, “Superb equipment” , “ I can’t believe we paddled to such wonderful places” are just a few of the comments from our customers after sea kayaking trips with us.

With us you get to paddle a number of sea kayaks from different manufacturers, which are the right fit for your height and weight. This is ideal if you are thinking of taking up the sport and buying your own sea kayak. By paddling several sea kayaks, you experience and learn for yourself their different levels of comfort, stability and performance. 

Family ½ days and expeditions. Absolute beginners to rough water coaching. 1-7 day trips, including wild camping on uninhabited islands. 
£85/day inclusive or £50 adult ½ day & £35 kids ½ day 

 Why National Kayak School ?

An excellent opportunity for you to receive great sea kayaking skills coaching while trying out the huge range of demonstration sea kayaks available at Sea Kayak Oban.

Highly experienced and qualified instructors, coaches and sea kayak guides, who love to share their passion and give you a fun, enjoyable, learning experience.

By paddling several sea kayaks your experience and learn for yourself their different levels of comfort, stability and performance.
All the specialist sea kayak equipment and specialist clothing is included in the price.

The aim of our kayaking holidays at intro and improver level is to get you as far as possible along the road to becoming independent sea kayakers.
Our instructors love to share their knowledge. With them it is a fun and a practical experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Whatever the weather we know good sheltered places to sea kayak and we can always have a good day out on the water. The further North & West you go in Scotland the windier it gets.

Where there is great wildlife, superb wild camping, and huge variety of accommodation in and around Oban, amazing tide races and over falls for those who want to play.

If it is not in the programme we would love to organise it for you. 
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