We are an independent, specialist sea kayak shop owned by sea kayakers, for sea kayakers. We also run great sea kayak trips and courses. 

Our brands include Valley sea kayaks, North Shore sea kayaks, P&H sea kayaks, Epic Surf skis and Kokatat & PeakUK sea kayaking equipment. 

Oban is Scotland’s premier sea kayaking centre, located only 2 hours from Glasgow airport and you can paddle from our shop around the islands of the Inner Hebrides, or by ferry to the Outer Hebrides.

We run sea kayaking trips and holidays around the Scottish Islands of Mull, Iona, Colonsay, Jura, Islay, Gigha and Lismore using both double and single kayaks. For the rough water sea kayakers, the Falls of Lora are a 5 minute drive and the tide races Grey Dogs and Gulf of Corryvreckan are also possible as day trips.

By Cathy Wagstaff 25 Jun, 2016
We are open everyday from 10am to 5pm in the summer, and there is a large car park just around the corner from our kayak store.
By Cathy Wagstaff 19 Jun, 2016

The New   V8 Pro   is Epic's brand new surfski design. It is the perfect surfski for paddlers seeking a significant performance upgrade from the popular Epic V8. Compared to the V8, the V8 Pro adds 12" of length (30 cm) and cuts nearly 1.5 inches (4 cm) off the width, creating a surfski design with paddling dynamics that are both livelier and faster than the V8.

In terms of stability and speed, the V8 Pro fits perfectly between the V8 and V10 Sport, allowing proficient V7 or V8 class paddlers to take the next step in performance.

The V8 Pro cockpit has been designed with a slightly reduced "hump" under the paddler's knees, a feature which will be appreciated by smaller paddlers. It is optimized to fit paddlers from 4'10" (147cm) to 6'5" (196 cm) in height.
Length: 19’ (5.79m)
Width: 19.9” (50.5 cm)
Depth: 12.6” (32 cm)
Capacity: 80 - 280 lbs (36 – 127 kg)

By Cathy Wagstaff 11 Jun, 2016
We are going to Orkney for a week so the shop is closed from Monday 13th June to Sunday 19th June, and re-open Monday 20th June 10 am with a new member of staff.
By Cathy Wagstaff 02 May, 2016

Sea Kayak Oban now has all 3 sizes of the Valley sea kayaks Sirona 15.10, 16.1 and 16.4. It is worth noting they are designed to fit the same people who fit Valley sea kayaks Etain 17.1, 17.5 and 17.7. 

The first plastic Sirona 16.1 RM arrived earch March 2016.

The Sirona is the replacement for the Avocet. A great all round sea kayak but with the emphasis on manoeuverability, which compliments the Etain which really covers the miles quickly and has even more carrying capacity.

If you envisage touring and playing then this is the boat for you. We have demo kayaks of all 3 sizes and stock of the 16.1.
The 16.4 is the latest to arrive in Oban and one of our customers, who has a Tempest 180 composite sat in it and loved the fit and the comfort. This has the larger cockpit and seat found in the latest Etain 17.7.

By Cathy Wagstaff 02 May, 2016
The Epic kayaks V5 is 14 ft waterline length which makes it about the same as many 16 ft sea kayaks.
Sitting in it you are sitting in the water just like most sea kayaks but unlike most sit on tops where you feel you are perched on top. This makes you more stable and less affected by the wind and waves.
The V5 is as stable as the average sea kayak.
A lot of potential sea kayakers as well as many who have been paddling for a long time obsess about the difficulty of rolling their kayak or self rescues or just getting out of it. The V5 surfski is very easy to remount but very stable in the first place so much more relaxing for so many people to paddle right from the word go.
The V5 fits a wide range of people. Even the footrest length range is very big and the hump in front of the seat has been lowered so it doesnt get in the way for smaller paddlers.
Its very manoeuverable with a good size under stern rudder with optional overstern and smaller understern.
It is not a smaller version of the composite V6 as its 2 ft shorter but its a cheaper alternative for quite a lot of people. The V5 promises  to be great for intro “sea kayaking” sessions. It also is great for taking people into places where they would be out of their comfort zone in a sea kayak. It does have plenty of day trip storage capacity .
What is not to like?
They are due in stock in March 2016  and the price is £1,195 .
By Cathy Wagstaff 02 May, 2016

Valley sea kayaks  Aleut 2  . This is 22 feet long and we are the sole demo centre in the UK for this double. Its been around a long time and is often termed the rolls Royce of sea kayak doubles. It has a centre hatch/cockpit.

Northshore Atlantic Two   This is quite a bit shorter at 20 feet and has been our favourite for a long time and we usually have one in stock (presently in Kevlar weighing only 31 kg

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