Demo a kayak

Buying a sea kayak is an investment, and you need to take the time to get it right. Kayaks come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s crucial to at least sit in a variety of them before buying. But those different shapes and sizes also mean they will handle very differently – stable or exciting, fast for long straight lines or rockered for turning on a pin, shorter and lighter for day trips, or long and load-bearing for expeditions. All these things matter, and the only way to really find out what works for you is to try a range of boats, with expert advice and assistance on hand.
Almost all the sea kayaks we sell are available to demo. You can start by sitting in a range of boats to see what’s comfortable, and work out what you want to try on the water. Our shop is just 50m from Oban Bay, which provides a range of conditions to test the boats in. Our staff can either help you down to the water and back, or lend you a trolley so you can manage on your own. You’re welcome to use our equipment during the demo, or to bring your own.
Bookings are required for kayak demos, so please get in touch at least a few days in advance. There is a charge for demo-ing of £45 for plastic kayaks and £60 for composite kayaks. This is fully refunded if you buy a kayak from us; you can try as many boats as you like for that price, for as long as you like on that day, and if you want to come back another day for a longer test, or to confirm your thoughts, there is no extra charge.

Please note we DO NOT accompany you on the water during your demo, we believe your boat choice shouldn’t be influenced by us. You must be self sufficient and confident you can deal with the weather conditions on the day; Oban bay is tidal and is extremely busy in the summer. Please ensure you check the forecast and tides BEFORE you travel, we reserve the right to not allow our boats to go out if we think you don’t have the experience necessary for the day. If you need someone to accompany you on the water for safety please enquire well in advance, if we have staff available we can facilitate this for an extra charge.