The Demo Boat Fleet List for 2020 (With new Additions!)

Array of composite sea kayaks

Hi Folks, welcome to the 2020 Spring season. We have 3 new additions to the demo fleet for you in 2020.

Firstly the Northshore Atlantic Evolution LV, this popular smaller boat returns to the market after an absence of a couple of years with an all new deck including sweetie hatch, making this a 4 hatch boat as standard; for the first time Northshore boats are available in colours beyond the base spec and glitter too. 

Delivered in March we have the first Zegul Greenland GT availble in the UK after a long break away. Its definately a greeland boat with its hard chines and long nose. This is a boat for the larger paddler and Greeland enthusiast (just like SKO Mark). Sea Kayak Oban has exclusive access to the smaller relations of this boat the ‘Greenland T’ and the ‘Greenland’  which have been removed from Zegul’s standard range but are availble to order through us.

Finally we are proud to bring to stock the Valley Gemini SP RM. This plastic kayak probably has the most rocker we’ve ever seen on a sea kayak, it’s intended for serious play time. It only comes in one size and would suit the small to medium experienced paddler who wants to turn quickly and surf their cares away. 

We exepect to add to it in the coming months with P&H’s new Volan, the composite brother to the Virgo and the ONLY Zegul Sea Rocket in the UK.

The full list of demo boats for 2020 is massive, 43 and counting:

Composite/Carbon Kevlar

Valley Etain 17.1

Valley Etain 17.5

Valley Etain 17.7

Valley Nordkapp Forti

Valley Sirona 15.10

Valley Sirona 16.2

Valley Sirona 16.4

Northshore Voyager Evolution 16.10

Northshore Voyager Evolution 17.2

Northshore Atlantic Evolution

Northshore Atlantic Evolution LV

Northshore Atlantic II (double)

Zegul Greeenland GT

Zegul Sea Rocket (Due April 2020)

P&H Cetus LV

P&H Cetus MV

P&H Cetus HV

P&H Volan (Coming spring/summer 2020)

Plastic/RM/Single & Triple Skin

Valley Etain 17.5
Valley Etain 17.7

Valley Sirona 15.10
Valley Sirona 16.2

Northshore Atlantic
Northshore Atlantic LV

Zegul Arrow Play MV

Tahe Marine Revel Midi

P&H Scorpio LV

P&H Scorpio MV

P&H Scorpio HV

P&H Valkyrie

P&H Virgo

P&H Delphin 155

Venture Jura MV

Venture Jura HV

Venture Islay14

Venture Islay 14 LV

Venture Islay Crusier 12

Perception Essence 17

Perception Expression 15

Perception Tribute

Perception Prodigy XS

Wavesport Hydra

Wavesport Horizon Blackout Double