Valley Etain 17.1

From: £3,750.00

Demo Boat Available,

This kayak was designed intentionally with a very neutral hull-form i.e. Not aggressively swede-form (associated with racing kayaks) or fish-form (associated with many older sea kayak designs), this gives the kayak predictable handling and a balanced feel, irrespective of the conditions being paddled. Also having the widest point, at the paddlers hips, you’ll also notice a real sense of connection between what you do and how the kayak reacts, making it an efficient but rewarding hull to paddle.
Other design features include a hull with a shallow to moderately lifted keel for good initial stability, a long waterline length to promote forward speed and just enough rocker to give a good balance between tracking and maneuverability.


Length: 17.1
Width: 20.75″ / 53cm
Depth: 12.15″ / 30.5cm
Weight: 25kg including the 4 hatch covers Diolen. 
Load suitablility: 30 to 70kg
You can order a boat to be made in the colour combination you want, and you can add keel strip, custom bulkheads, fitted Silva 70P compass for an additional charge. Contact us to help you design and order this boat.