Northshore Voyager Evolution 17.2

From: £3,595.00

Demo Boat Available 

Custom Colours, effects and fittings now available

The Voyager is a medium/large volume expedition touring sea kayak suitable for paddlers up to 6ft 2.

It has a relatively flat central hull in the middle and hard chines, which stop just behind the day hatch giving a relatively lose backend.This makes the kayak very easy to move around and even ‘drift’ like a racing car. Its a dream on a wave. That drifty backend does make it a bit more skeg happy in the wind and on the flat but the compromise is well worth the fun. As a coaching boat its a dream as it has great primary stability and all of your ‘demos’ look great as the backend slides out to increase the tightness of your turns. A fantastic option if you grow to love that silky smoooth back end.

The Voyager is a true exploration vehicle and will put a smile on your face in all sea conditions be it a day trip or a full expedition.


Length: 17’2 / 5.23m
Width: 22″ / 54.5cm
Volume: 357 ltr
Weight in diolen construction: 25kg in diolen (our demo boat is in kevlar)

Depth: 31.5cm 


Deck and Seam colours available in either Orange / Red / Yellow / Green / Mazarine Blue

Light Aircraft Grey hull and cockpit rim

Black decklines

Custom colours are available at additional £50 per colour change

4 hatches

Comfortable seat and outfitting
Retractable skeg
Ideal for coastal exploration, camping trips and open crossings

Made in the UK


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