Valley Sirona 16.1

From: £3,195.00

Demo boat available


Relatively short at 16.1 feet, and with sufficient rocker to be considered an Ocean Playboat but with a water line long enough to hold its speed even with moderate load. True, it is not intended for multi-week expeditions but it is certainly very suitable for most people, even those with overnight ambitions.

This is the ideal sea kayak when 80% of your trips are day trips and week-end overnights and when your garage dictates what length sea kayak you can store.

Ideal for short expeditions and ocean play, coastal exploration, camping trips, open crossings and unloaded day trips


Contact us for a demo or ordering a bespoke colour or the Kevlar Carbon construction, which is stiffer and lighter, so easier to lift on the roof of your car / van.

Options such as keel strip, tow cleat or fitted compass are also available.


Length: 16’1″ / 4.90m

Width: 22″ / 56cm

Weight: 26 kg inc. the 4 hatch covers

Depth: 12.75″ / 32.75cm
Rec. paddler weight: 65 to 100 kg
4 hatches: 1 round front hatch, 1 deck hatch, 1 day hatch behind the cockpit and 1 large oval hatch at the rear
Comfortable seat and outfitting
Retractable skeg
Keyhole cockpit (see Peak Keyhole size spraydecks and cockpit covers, or Reed in Keyhole C, wider than the Norkapp cockpit)
Made in the UK