KajakSport Oval Click-On 44/26 (Tiderace Kayaks)


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Kajak Sport Oval Click-On 44/26

Reliable and water tight oval hatch cover from Kajak Sport of Finland

Fits Tiderace Xplore and Xcite range

Weight: 646g

Width: 335mm

Length: 458mm

Height: 30mm

The click-on cover is a light and vigorous kayak hatch cover which is made by combining two different materials together.

The rigid centre part reaches to top of the hatch rim and secures that the cover can’t be pushed inside due to force of a wave. Soft edge seals and attaches properly to the hatch rim and gives good watertight contact between the cover and the rim.
Stylish click-on cover is waterproof and extremely easy to use.
There are both inside and outside leash holders and a handy opening grip. Both materials are durable and fully UV-protected.

Numerous tests, reviews and practice prove that this cover is a reliable and watertight cover solution even in rough conditions.

The click-on cover is recommended to be used with KS-hatch rim.