Epic Relaxed Touring Full Carbon Fibre


The Epic Relaxed Touring paddle is lightweight, stable and exceedingly smooth. Perfect for the cruising kayaker and a slightly less aggressive, low angle paddle stroke.

Efficiency is everything on the water; the Relaxed Touring blade features a longer and narrower surface area, facilitating a stroke easy on the shoulders with the power and control needed for any water conditions.

Full Carbon construction, 22 oz (625 grams); comes standard with Epic’ Length-Lock adjustable ferrule technology. Ships with a FREE paddle bag

What do SKO think? Favoured by smaller paddlers and coaches like Alice McInnes. We import these from Epic ourselves so the price is fixed, no discounts can be applied, however we challenge you to find an equivalent full carbon blade at this price point with this quality of shaft and build. The perfect low angle blade with a small oval shaft from Epic’s international race standard rings which suits smaller thumb lengths and hand diameters.


Blade Width: 6.3″ (16 cm)
Blade Length: 19.7″ (50 cm)
Surface Area: 97 in2 (625 cm2)

Full Carbon 22 oz (625 grams)