Nanook2 Blackbone


The 2 piece Greenland Paddle Nanook2 BlackBone is the 2023 Award winning paddle from East Pole.

East Pole Paddles are made in Estonia. Sea Kayak Oban has taken the worry out of importing goods from Europe post Brexit; however this is an expensive process and the price shown includes, the shipping from Estonia, VAT, import duties, currency conversion fees, handling fees. A direct comparison to the East Pole Paddles website does not begin to reflect the total price to the customer for importing directly. We have priced these items as competitively as we can – please don’t ask for any discount, we have done the best we can to support the UK Greenland paddler. 

The Nanook is based on the shape and size of a traditional West-Greenland paddle. It has mild “shoulders” on transition from loom (shaft) to the blade. Blade tips are round and as wide as the blade. Out standard material is western red cedar (Thuja plicata) –  a lightweight and beautiful wood, which generally does not rot. Pine strips inset into the loom is our “trade-mark” which adds stiffness and colour. The Nanook is finished with at least 8 layers of tungoil. East Pole believe a wooden paddle treated with oil feels very natural and warm in your hands; good grip is guaranteed, even when the paddle is wet. Using an EastPole Greenland paddle is gentle on your muscles and joints which decreases fatigue. 

New Split System

The Kajak Sport Split System is an oval carbon reinforced plastic paddle joint. The ferrule is as short as possible to offer as much natural wood as possible. It is very Easy to use and maintain, just push the button and you can split your paddle in 2 same size pieces (220cm paddle has 115cm pieces and 230cm has 120cm)

BlackBone Tips 

With the East Pole Blackbone eddition we have reinforced the tips of the paddle to ensure maximum protection on rocky shores which greatly increases the life of your paddle. The reinforcmenet is seemlesly intergrated with the West Red Cedar blade to ensure no additonal flutter is created and the paddle performs identically to its full wood cousin. 

Style & shape: West Greenland, oval

Shaft: oval, pine reinforcement

Finish: Tung oil

Split system: Oval carbon reinforced plastic made by Kayak Sport

Weight: 800-950g

NOTICE: Every piece of wood is different. They come with different density, weight and colour. Weight of the standard paddle made of western red cedar is normally between 600 and 950 grams but most commonly between 650 and 850 grams. Also the colour of oiled paddles varies from very light red to very dark brown.

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