Whetman Sea Kayak Paddle Cuffs


To secure spare paddle shafts on the bow of a sea kayak.

Easy to remove spare paddles on the water and equally easy to reinstall while afloat.

The Paddle Cuffs are held in place by velcro wraps and backed up with seperate parachord loops to be tied around the deckline. There is adjustment to consider different bow widths. 

​Reinforced cuff constructed of four layers of webbing keeps the openning rigid & wide to receive a paddle shaft.

Width of webbing 40mm. One size fits all 

British design made in the UK


What do SKO think?

Folks have improvised versions of these over the years with solutions made of plumbing pipe and fittings. We liked how this verison is elegant and simple and could live permanently on the boat through the season.  The compact and soft construction allows a clean approach and keeps your compass visible whilst protecting that gel coat.