Standard Complete Seat (Northshore/Valley)


Standard size complete seat for most current Northshore/ Valley Sea Kayaks. Please check with us before purchasing to ensure fit with your boat. Parts include Seat Pan, pad, backrest, under seat foams, fitting screws and re-enforcement plates. 

This fits boats such as:

Northshore Atlantic RM 

Etain 17.5 & 17.7 RM 

Sirona all ranges 

Norkapp Forti 

Northshore atlantic Evolution 

Norhtshore Voyager 

Norhtshore Ocean. 

Please note that although the seat pan is the same for each boat above the foam inserts under the seat to support the base on the hull are different shapes. We must know the boat in order to provide the right inserts. Please note this in the comments section at checkout or contact us. 

This will not fit Etain17.1, Nordkapp LV.