Twistlock Footrests (P&H/Venture)


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Fast and effortlessly adjustable footrests that are perfect for centre kayaks with multiple users. These Twistlock footrests are constructed from corrosion proof and highly durable, injection moulded nylon, with a large, comfortable foot-peg area that features a moulded-in pattern for grip. The big advantage of Twistlock footrests is their ability to be adjusted whilst sat in the kayak, enabling you to get the perfect fit with minimal time and effort; simply twist the blue lever through 90° and pull or push to move the footrest to the desired location, then twist back to the original orientation to lock. Twistlock footrests can be fitted to kayaks with bolted-in footrests, although in some cases you may need to enlarge the mounting holes. Sold in pairs and supplied with all fittings including washers for a dry fit. Mounting tracks are 40cm (15 3/4″) in length and have pre-drilled mounting holes at 22cm (8 1/2″) and 37cm (14 1/2″) spacings centre-to-centre (with the possibility to combine one hole from each set to give a 29.5cm (11 1/2″) spacing centre-to-centre).

  • Sold in pairs.
  • Includes fittings.
  • Waffle-pattern foot-peg for good grip.
  • 14-position adjustment with multi-tooth lock for secure location.
  • Suitable for most kayaks with bolted-in footrests.
  • Corrosion proof, nylon construction