KCS Compact Day Trolley


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New in 2020 from Ronnie at Kayak Carrier Systems, a compact day trolley for those small hatch boats. This tiny trolley is designed for solid ground when you want to trundle your boat to the end of the road and into the harbour. It sits right at the Bow or Stern of your kayak and nips the hull at its narrowest point – try it at the front it often works better. 

The baby 6inch wheels are removeable so will fit comfortabley through any 8 inch hatch such as day hatches on P&H, Valley Northshore, SKUK, Rockpool. Its perfect for orginal Norkapps with only 8inch hatches and those beautiful swept narrow chines.     

The whole thing weighs 1580g and is built to KCS bomb proof standards with a 10year warranty. 

KCS accept that all boats are different and are prepared to send out shims and extending bars FREE OF CHARGE if the standard trolley doesn’t fit your boat. Service doesn’t get any better than that