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According to National Geographic approximately 3.5billion toothbrushes are sold accross the world per year. We’ve been brushing our teeth with plastic brushes since the late 1930’s. I’m not even going to put a figure on how many toothbrushes that could be lying in the ground waiting for 1000 years or so to pass for it to degrade. Its quite a few however you look at it.

When Laura and I took on Sea Kayak Oban we wanted to get people out into our wider world and give them a chance to feel connected to the planet their every action affects. In 2020 we want to start helping people see that little changes in habit can roll through every part of their lives – when you commit to it in one element it starts to make you think about other changes you can make.

To start this change where possible we are giving a Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrush away with every online order. Its just a little thing but it might mean that a few hundred less lumps of plastic go to landfill this year, but more importantly it might mean each person never uses a plastic toothbrush again. 

Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrushes are:

Water Neutral, use natural ingredients such as bamboo, which grow without artificial irrigation. We also use certified natural colours which are manufactured without mineral oils or other chemical additives.

Vegan, do not contain any animal-based ingredients. And of course, we do not carry out or commission animal testing.

Fair, work deserves fair payment – therefore all our products are produced according to fair principles. To ensure this, we personally monitor our value chain down to the smallest detail.

10% of Hydrophil’s profits each year go to VIVA CON AGUA, a water charity committed to providing clean drinking water and sanitation all around the world.

Later on in 2020 we are changing our online shop packaging methods to use paper packing tape and eventually move away from plastic packaging all together. We reuse all of our packaging and we don’t print out delivery notes to put in your package for you to put in the bin as soon as you open the package.

Make a little change with us and make it the start of your big changes in 2020.

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