PeakUK Ocean Wrap PFD review

Padder showing Ocean Wrap PFD being worn on the water

Since it first came into stock a year ago, we have sold more PeakUK Ocean Wrap PFDs than almost any other product. Both Laura and Erin use it as their go-to buoyancy aid for sea paddling. So what makes it so special?

Firstly, the fit is unique. The Ocean Wrap’s unique front-opening wrap entry design means the flotation is made up of two thin pieces of foam, rather than the single blocks of traditional PFDs. Thin foam flexes, meaning it can mould itself to the paddler. The inner foam on the women’s specific sizes (10-12 and 14-16) are futher subdivided into four quarters, giving flexibility top to bottom as well as side to side.

But comfort isn’t everything – a buoyancy aid has to be fit for purpose as well.

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