Demo Fleet Spring 2023

Hi Folks, welcome to the 2023 Spring season. We hope to have a couple of new additions for you in early 2023 including a brand new rival to the excellent Rockpool Taran.

Arriving in late 2022 we received one of the first 5 production units of the P&H Volan 158 as our fleet demo boat. The Volan MV was renamed the Volan 160 and we are told that we can expect a further TWO sizes of Volan over the next 2 years; 1 being an extra small and the other an extra large. The Volan 158 is a medium/small fun easy manoeuvering day boat which P&H claim can be brought down to as little 18.5kg in their Carbon Kevalr Infusion layup.

In the next month or so we expect to add a demo boat of Wavesport’s new Hydra LV. The Hydra has been a mainstay of the touring/sea kayak cross over world for many years; it excels at features which are great for fishing and has a bomb proof single skin construction. The LV will be the same excellent design with fixtures and fittings but suitable for the smaller paddler.

We are excited to be chosen as the exclusive demo centre for the UK for the Kirton Kayaks Inuk18. Kirton are a well known boat brand in the kayak racing world who started manufacturing in 1966.

The Inuk 18 is a development of the monstrous exped load carrier the Inuk20 Ultra designed and built by Rob Feloy who is in the process of retiring (again…). If will definitely fall into the category of an FSK (Fast Sea Kayak) with the deep V bow made famous by the Rockpool Taran. We are looking forward to welcoming Kirton boats into our fleet in Spring 2023.

Inuk 18 Plug in progress

The full list of demo boats for 2023 is massive, 46 and counting:

Composite/Carbon Kevlar

Kirton Kayaks Inuk 18 (coming soon)

Valley Etain 17.1

Valley Etain 17.5

Valley Etain 17.7

Valley Nordkapp Forti

Valley Anas Acuta

Valley Sirona 15.10

Valley Sirona 16.1

Valley Sirona 16.4

Valley Aleut Double (3 piece)

Northshore Voyager Evolution 16.10

Northshore Voyager Evolution 17.2

Northshore Atlantic Evolution

Northshore Atlantic Evolution LV

Northshore Atlantic II (double)

Zegul Greeenland GT

Zegul Velcoity

Zegul Arrow Play MV

P&H Cetus LV

P&H Cetus MV

P&H Cetus HV

P&H Volan 158

P&H Volan 160

Plastic/RM/Single & Triple Skin

Valley Etain 17.5
Valley Etain 17.7

Valley Sirona 15.10
Valley Sirona 16.1

Valley Nordkapp RM

Northshore Atlantic
Northshore Atlantic LV

Zegul Arrow Play MV

P&H Scorpio LV

P&H Scorpio MV

P&H Scorpio HV

P&H Valkyrie

P&H Virgo LV

P&H Virgo MV

P&H Virgo HV

P&H Delphin 155

P&H Leo MV

P&H Leo HV

Perception Essence 17

Perception Expression 15

Wavesport Hydra

Wavesport Hydra LV

Wavesport Horizon Blackout Double

Finally, we are continuing on with our Buy a Boat & Adopt a Tree initiative in partnership with Treedom, as we continue to support reforestation in Madagascar.

Buy a boat and adopt a tree

Happy Boating in 2023 Folks

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