Baby & Child Emergency First Aid


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Emergency situations require immediate and affirmative action. Some parents and carers are often frozen by fear or sometimes they are even oblivious to the seriousness of a situation.

Manuals aren’t designed for use during an emergency, but this little book is.

This book is intended to help you focus, to assist you in making a rapid diagnosis and to help guide you to the correct life saving action. So that if you panic or can’t quite remember or work out what to do, this book will help unblock your knowledge…

What do SKO think? Mark and Phil both volunteer their time with the emergency services, and both use ‘Casualty Care’ cards like these to ensure patients get the right care. Systems like this are used by RNLI, CoastGuard and Mountain Rescue and are proven to work and show better outcomes. Well worth having if there are children in your life.