KajakSport INUKSUK


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Inuksuk is Kajak Sport’s flag ship in paddles. Handcrafted West Greenland style paddle made in Finland. Solid, strong yet light full carbon core paddle with stunning matt finish. Well balanced construction with buoyant blade and oval loom creates light and effortless feel. Smooth and well rounded thin edges allows quiet catch and confident stroke. Inuksuk is equipped with unique Kajak Sport oval shaft ferrule to allow easy split and length adjustment.

The historical story and the unique feeling of Kajak Sport’s new West Greenland paddle takes you far from the traditional paddling routines that you are used to therefore we gave it a name Inuksuk. It shows that you are on the right path to new adventures.

Sharp yet smoothly rounded blades goes in to the water precisely and quiet. Blade has good grip in to the water and there is no vibration at all.

Real oval loom with smooth shoulders and matt finish offers perfect grip.
Kajak Sport’s unique construction allows tough fibres follow around all the corners and edges of the blade. This seamles and trouble free construction makes Inuksuk the strongest greenland paddle on the market. Our construction does not require any additional treatments or protection – it will last!