hf Plan Sea Towline


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The HF Equipment Plan Sea is a highly versatile well designed 15m sea kayak tow rope. It is packed with great features for the best levels of comfort, performance and also safety.

HF Equipment has designed this sea kayak tow line to feature a quick release waist belt, this is essential so that it can be easily removed in the case of emergency. The waist belt then incorporates the rope storage pouch. This is tough and durable, it has a very large easy access opening which is then secured with two large velcro strips The pouch also has a large mesh panel in, this enables the bag to drain well and this helsp to keep the weigth to a minimum whilst in the water. The rope itself secures to the pouch via a built in shock absorber. This shock absorber can be over ridden / removed if requried. However it does make for a more comfortable tow in most conditions. The kayak tow rope itself is 15m long and the rope has a 5mm diamter, this helps to keep the weight down, but its still rated to 390kg. On the end of the rope that you would connect to the kayak to be towed, there is a easy to handle wire gate karabiner. This is then held firmly in place by a rubber string, adjacent to this is a small closed cell foam float to prevent the end of the line from sinking in case you drop it. The waist belt of the Plan Sea has a large stainless steel d ring, it also has a neoprene pouch. Both of these are ideal for securing the karabiner or tucking the karbiner away if requried.
  • Rope Pouch
  • – Large Opening for easy packing
  • – Quick Draining for best performance
  • – Velcro Secured
  • Waist Belt
  • – 50mm webbing for comfort
  • – Quick Release for maximum safety
  • – Fully Adjustable for Size
  • – Built in Stainless Steel D Ring
  • Tow Rope
  • – 15m in Length
  • – 5mm Diamter
  • – 390 daN Braking Strength
  • Built in Shock Absorber